Our Journey Through Law School

Getting into law school is already hard enough. Getting through law school as six best friends under the same roof? That’s even tougher.

After meeting during undergrad classes, the six of us—Nate, Henry, Mallory, Candace, Clark, and Daniela—all decided to attend the same law school, seeking our degrees and trying to save a little money. Like many students, though, we were a little short on cash. To save money, we all moved into together in a large house, sharing the rent and responsibilities.

Of course, that’s not always easy, even with the most careful, concerned students. There are ups and downs to making it through law school, so we six want to chronicle those trials.

Keeping Up with the Law Students

Going through law school can be a tough thing, and at times, it can feel like a blur. That’s definitely how we all felt about our undergraduate degrees, for sure. Now, we’re sad to think about all the good times and the hard times we might have forgotten because we didn’t write it down.

That’s why the six of us are writing these updates on our life. Sure, parts of law school and living together might be a little mundane, but we want a record we can look back on. Even better, we hope that other law students can learn from our triumphs and our mistakes.

Once we decided on keeping track of our progress through law school, we decided to share this website just like we share all our other bills. Between the six of us, we can update our readers regularly on what’s happening at our house.

Unique Experiences for Unique Students

Sharing the site also helps us share all the different experiences we each have. For example, Daniela is focusing on personal injury law, inspired after her mother was injured in a car accident and the troubles she had. She wants to help people like her family when she gets her degree.

Henry, on the other hand, is focusing on criminal defense law. He grew up reading true crime stories, and they sparked a lifelong interest in the justice system. Each of us has a different set of interests and focuses, and it’s become one of our strengths.

While we may not get to study together all the time, our studies take us in different directions that give us more to talk about. Sure, we may be sharing a lot and talking about some of the same experiences, but we have different interests to explore here.

A Day in the Life of a Law Student

If you’re curious about what law students do in their spare time under one roof with five other people, this might be the blog for you. We may have our struggles and issues, living with one another, but we also know we’re in a unique place that many law students and others may be interested in.

For those interested in how we manage to all live together in harmony, read on. It’s not always perfect, but we’re always focused on our friends and our studies. Read on to learn more about each of us and how we manage our busy home.