Studying with Law Student Roommates

Living on your own comes with a lot of responsibility. You’re expected to keep up with all your laundry, do your own dishes, and keep the place clean. At least the lawn and repairs are handled by the landlord, but sometimes, it’s hard to adjust. Some of us never even had to take care of those things before we moved off to college.

Studying comes with that, too. Plenty of smart kids know how easy it can be to coast by on a good memory when you’re in high school. Law school, though, isn’t so simple. You’re dealing with a bigger workload in general, and that’s tough to balance.

That balance is something we found out the hard way.

Learning to Study

It started with our first semester, during the first few weeks when grades are just coming in. Mallory was the first to get her papers back, and she was upset. She wasn’t a C-grade student, but there it was in red on the top of her paper.

In fact, Mallory is one of the hardest workers in the house. She’s from the rural South and got here on scholarships and grants. In fact, she even wants to return to be a car accident attorney in Alabama. Sadly, now she was worried about that dream coming true. If she’d struggled so much with a test on personal injury law, what other hurdles would the future throw at her?

When the rest of us began receiving average or even bad grades, we knew we had to do something. Sure, taking time to clean and have fun was important, but our grades were on the line!

Flashcards and Notes and Practice Tests, Oh My!

While we’re all studying different fields of law, certain things do carry over. Most importantly,we needed to learn accountability. Separately, it was easy to never ask what the other housemates were doing and whether they were taking time to study. Now, that wasn’t an option.

Unless a big event was happening, we started to meet every night at the kitchen table. It’s a big one, so there’s enough room to set up our laptops, spread out our notes, and get to work. We set a one-hour timer, too. Some of us only need that long for most nights, while others might be up for half the night on an exam week.

If we share classes, that gives us a chance to study the material together, too. Now, it’s no longer an option to sit alone in our rooms, working away at cases we don’t understand. This way, we can ask questions, get answers, and understand the work a little better.

Studying Now for Better Results Later

After all that studying, it didn’t take long to see great results. Mallory was the first, again, to get her test results back. This time, it was a perfect score, and she jumped for joy. The rest of us teased her about taking a break, but we know her too well. That night, she was right there with us, humming as she wrote out some practice summaries.

Now, though, we’re all seeing the results of our hard work. Of course, we all learned a lesson, too. When you’re in good company, even studying doesn’t have to be so bad.