Dealing with Homesick Law Students: Henry’s Perspective

It doesn’t seem to matter how independent and strong-willed you are. Nope, everyone gets homesick at some point. That also includes us law students, even if we’ve already been in school for a long time. Some of us only left our home states in search of the best education we could get.

It’s great to know that we’re getting the best education we can, but sometimes, you just miss mom’s home-cooked meatloaf, you know?

Since we started this blog, I’ve been thinking about some of the common problems we run into, especially living together, and homesickness seems to keep popping up. So, how do we older law students deal on the days when you’re sick or alone or just missing out on holiday fun?

Far from Home

It seems like I’m the farthest away from home, and for the shortest time. I grew up in Illinois, and even when I was little, I always dreamed of being a personal injury lawyer in Chicago. I loved when we took trips into the city, so it was always an important place for me.

Now, though, I’m missing it even harder. I finished my undergrad at the University of Chicago, so I spent four years really falling in love with the city. While I’m planning to go back as soon as I’ve got my degree, I do still miss the city, my family, and my old friends.

How I Cope

For a lot of us, it’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia and homesickness. You come down with a cold, but there’s no one to make you chicken noodle soup and bring you tissues. Still, there are a few ways I deal with homesickness.

One of the most important parts of my week is giving my parents a call. Skype doesn’t exactly make up for an in-person hug, but it can help until the holidays come around. Then, of course, I always put reminders on my calendar about the holidays. I include flight times, when to buy my tickets, and when my holiday breaks begin and end.

Adding time to my year to visit home and see people is important to me, so I always make a point to visit. When I get to go back and make new happy memories, it’s easier to wait again for the next visit.

Surviving Law School and Making Connections

My last tip for those studying out-of-state or away from home doesn’t have to do with visiting parents at all, though. Instead, I suggest making friends and building connections together.

For Nate, Mallory, Candace, Clark, Daniela, and I, that’s not too hard. We share this big house together, so of course we’re together and doing things as a group all the time. However, that’s not always so easy for others.

If you’re missing home and it’s making studying had, try going out with your friends or even meeting someone new. Sometimes, it can make your homesickness a little easier.