Alabama Car Accident Statistics 2018

It is always interesting to see the numbers for vehicular accidents at the end of each year. They show whether safety programs and new laws had any discernible effect. They point to the leaders and to those lagging behind.

Every state generates its own reports, and these are compiled to create a national database. The final report for 2018 is not yet out, but some data from the first half of the year is already available. The Alabama car accident statistics 2018 can be found on the website of the National Safety Council. In fact, the NSC has data for every state in the US.

A Small Drop in Fatalities

The council compared the best estimates from 2017 and 2018. According to their findings, the frequency of motor vehicle deaths actually declined by a small amount in the year—a one-percent reduction, to be exact. A few states experienced a significant decline in fatalities, including Wyoming, Kansas, Maine, and New Jersey—each posting reductions of at least 9.4%.

Unfortunately, there were also others that registered an increase of more than 5.8%. These include Oregon, Nevada, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Hampshire. Alabama is not an outlier like these states, but the figures show a rise in crash fatalities of up to four percent.

Note that the final reports for 2018 are likely to come out in August of 2019, so these are only estimates for now. Still, it is good to know that the roads do not seem to have gotten more dangerous in the past year despite the rise in vehicle registrations and other factors which could have pushed the figures up.

The total deaths for the US remain around forty thousand in 2018, with there being just 231 more in 2017. Focusing on Alabama, there were 1,044 fatalities in 2016, 914 in 2017, and 948 in 2018.

Road Safety Strategies

Avoid being part of the statistics by driving carefully. Follow all the traffic rules but be wary of those who don’t. Stay clear of alcohol, drugs, phones, and other things that could impair your driving. Focus on the road at all times. If you are less than one-hundred percent, then ask your friends to drive you home. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Leave early, so you do not have to race towards your destination. If you do get involved in a crash, then call an Alabama auto collision lawyer immediately for assistance.

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