Should Law Firms Be Active on Social Media?

When you think of businesses that utilize social media a great deal, you may not think of law firms. Businesses that use social media are selling something that they want to market to a far-reaching audience. They need to engage in social platforms that will allow them to connect with people from anywhere and put their products out there. They’re the only ones who need social media, right?

Take, for instance, a person who makes bookmarks for a living. That business owner wants to reach as many people as possible via social media. Those potential customers will then visit the business owner’s online store to purchase their bookmarks. The business owner must remain active on social media, and upload visuals of their products, in this case beautiful bookmarks.

The above example is a good way to take advantage of social media, but it’s not the only way.

You may not realize just how much your law firm could benefit from social media. It’s true that a law firm is often just interested in reaching people that are local to the firm’s location—there’s not a lot you can do for the guy that lives across the country, or is there?

Social media can help law firms in MANY ways. Law firms should be active on social media, and here’s why.

What can social media do for you?

There are so many different ways to use social media to increase traffic to your site, make your firm’s brand recognizable right away, and, in the end, get you the clients you’re looking for.

Increases Visibility

The more eyes on your firm’s name and website the more recognizable you’ll be. Also, social media is not blind posting into the abyss. There are many helpful features you can take advantage of. It’s possible to localize your content depending on the site you’re using, and it’s also possible to pay for advertising on social media that will be localized to your area.

Also, when you engage in social media, you become a part of a community of legal professionals in your field—people that you can learn from and who may be able to partner with you to grow your business.

Helps Your Image

Your postings allow your clients, and people in your area, to build a relationship with you—to get to know you, and trust you, on a more personal level. Clients don’t just want to hire an experienced, successful lawyer. They want one that they can believe in, that they’ve heard of, and that they trust to do right by them. The more open you are and the more you share, the more apt people are to believe that your firm is one of the good ones.


Social media can also help with SEO. Content posted on social media can be traced back to your website. The more traffic to your website, the more visible your content, the more that Google will increase your rankings overall. Everyone wants that!

Law Firms Should Be Active On Social Media

You want your firm to be active on social media; however, there is a way to engage in good social media for law firms.

It’s often best to hire a company, or someone experienced with social media marketing, to ensure that your firm does not miss out on the great tools available on social media platforms.