Things to Do before Summer Vacation in College

When you’re in school, a good long vacation is often exactly what you need. But, when you’re renting and not just moving out of your dorm, you may have some other considerations. That’s especially true in the summer, when all six of us are trying to vacation and visit family all at once. 

It can be pretty easy to forget some little things that end up making a mess or damaging your home. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid that before it happens:

Double-Check Your Outlets

Sure, some of your roommates may be sticking around over the summer, but as for me, I’m hoping to get a short-term position at Conway, Pauley, Johnson P.C. So, I may be gone for most of the summer, with only a few breaks to visit in there. Because of this, I need to make sure I don’t leave any hazards in the house, especially if my bedroom door is locked. 

For me, that means making sure everything is unplugged, all my windows are sealed, and no candles are burning. Some of those may seem obvious, but hey, it’s hard to remember some things when you’re scrambling to get to your car and head home! 

Take Care of Any Pets

This may go without saying, too, but when there are several roommates under one roof, it can be tough to keep track of who’s responsible for any pets. Sometimes, there are unexpected gaps in the summer schedule, where no one is home for some time. What happens to our poor Bartleby, our lazy cat? 

That’s where knowing who’s going to be home makes a difference. For the most part, we all know when we’re going to be in town for events, summer classes, or just a little time adjusting to campus life again. That means we all have regular updates on Bartleby (including cute Instagram photos every day), and we have a little forewarning before someone has to schedule a house-sitter or pet-sitter. 

Clean Out the Fridge

You know how it is—you leave for the beach for a week, and the next, you get home to realize you didn’t throw out the milk before you left. Yeah, that smell is going to last a minute and the Lysol is just going to make your house smell like garbage and lemons. 

Avoid the stink of a full host of forgotten veggies and snacks by checking all the expiration dates before you leave. If you can, avoid some food waste and give those unwanted carrots to a friend to use. If no one wants them, it’s best to throw them out now, not after they’ve gone rotten and made a mess in your fridge. 

Get Ready to Have Fun! 

Getting ready to leave your rented house or apartment for a while shouldn’t dampen your excitement about your vacation. It should mean you can lock up your house and feel confident you didn’t forget anything important. 

Whether you’re making your plans for spring break or planning an end-of-semester getaway, knowing your house is in order can give you a little peace of mind while you’re away. Even better, it can mean coming home to a fresh, safe house, which is way less work for you. That way, you can focus on unpacking, without a lot of trouble and headache in the process. 

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