When the Families Visit

Dealing with six people in a single house is busy, to say the least. When parents come around? It can be a nightmare. Sure, most of them grab a hotel room for the night, but that doesn’t stop them from all showing up at once in the morning, when we law students are just waking up. 

Keeping up with our jobs, our families, and our classes is tough. You want time with your parents when they visit mid-semester, but what about your grades? Luckily, there are some ways to get around visiting, classes, and other obligations. 

Spending Time with Your Parents

For me, working as a lawyer was sort of a given. My family has a lot of lawyers and a lot of close friends in law. My dad is close with some of the attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael Cordova, and one of my cousins works as a public defender in Phoenix. It’s sort of expected that I was going to attend law school. 

Of course, that means my parents are actually pretty invested in my education. They come to visit every opportunity they get, especially since I’m so far away while getting my degree. 

For me, keeping my parents entertained on class days is easy. All I have to do is bring them to campus and let them explore. They love the library set aside for the law students, so it’s easy to keep them busy while I’m in class. For some of the others, it’s as simple as letting them loose on the town, or just showing them how to use the remote at the house. 

Boundaries for Visiting Parents

However close we are to our parents, though, a visit can be a strain. You want to make your parents’ visit worthwhile, but you also can’t put your own life on pause. That’s why it’s important to talk to your parents before a visit. 

While it’s tempting to throw all your studying out the window, breaks are necessary. That’s why I also make sure to sit down with my visiting family and go over my obligations. It might seem a little harsh, but when you’re studying for a career in law, your time to study and prepare for your field is important, too.

That’s why scheduling time with your parents is vital. Knowing when they can spend time with you and when you’re handling obligations can help you both, giving you the space you need for your daily life while also making time for your loved ones. 

A Fine Balance

As a law student, adding a little social time in your life is a delicate balance on the best of days. On the worst, you’re either locked in the library or partying the day away. When you have people who took a plane across the country just to see you, it’s tough to keep the fine balance of the good days. 

Fortunately, you do have options. Family and education is important, and you don’t always have to choose. Instead, find the timing that works for you, so you can see your parents and keep up that GPA. 

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